Sunday BARB Up November 20, 2016

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All week, I’ve been getting to know WordPress. And what I’ve learned is that it’s easier than I thought it would be. I feel like tomorrow, I will finally be able to put out a call to action and ask for submissions to BARB.

And that feels really good.

Like the rest of this country–and the world to a major extent–I’m going through a transition in my life. And I suspect I will revisit this transition over and over again in my BARB Up. And while the uncertainty is very real and extremely scary, what I know is this: I can at the very least, gather links to things that I feel are relevant to my interests and hopefully the interests of the women reading BARB.

And that, that amount of control I have? THAT feels really good.

And so here we go:

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. I also love this story I found about a community coming together, in honor of TDOR. Also, I’m going to Book Culture today to buy Laura Jean Grace’s memoir, Tranny. Again, what I can do, I will do. And listen to Against Me.

My Michelle Obama Love for today.

Gwen Ifill.

Heh, heh, heh, Kathy Lette. You rule. You are so a Lady Like Us.

Super into this denim jumpsuit. And it’s price.

Tinder has added 37 options of self-identification. And Newsweek tries to unpack what is beyond Male & Female, because you know, Old People.

I am a solo parent, and when I see articles like this one, it makes me happy. It’s not easy, raising a child, whether you’re on your own or with a partner. But don’t dare pity me for doing this without a partner. Do. Not.

A holiday gift for the music fan. Speaking of music fandom, one of my favorite all time bands are coming back to NY. Yay, The Wedding Present. Now I just have to pray I won’t be in College Tour mode.

And Sharon Jones, who also passed this week. Show me how you jerk, girl. Show me.


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