Monday BARB Up 11/21/16

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Oh good morning y’all. I’m still experimenting. Right now, waiting for my hair to dry (I don’t use a blow dryer for this; I air dry, helps me maintain my bed head look. Well, actually, I just can’t be bother to do anything) before I head off into the great big world. It’s the week of Thanksgiving, which is the corporate world means a short week. But for us women who run our lives and our households, it’s a week punctuated by a large family or family style meal, and probably, some added-value stress. Here’s a brief respite from all that noise: for my dear friend Maren Waxenberg, anything that happens in the kitchen seems effortless.

Over the last few days, I’ve been working out some of the kinks of BARB. While initially, i thought re-publishing articles from other site were the way to go, I’ve decided to make a true aggregate experience of articles I find relevant to the BARB woman, I’d do a short summary and provide a link. Soon, I will have original articles, but…I’m still in the baby steps phase of BARB. Stay with me, ladies, I hope you come back, I hope you tell your friends.

This lady has had hot flashes for 27 years. I didn’t know that was possible. And she says no one has ever died from a hot flash, so there’s my silver lining!

More inspiring women: The Cowgirls of Color. “The whole point was to win, not just to be in [the event] because we’re girls.” Yes!

And don’t forget Elizabeth Warren. “We will stand up to bigotry. No compromises on this one, ever.” I’ve never been particularly politicized, not in terms of government. My awakening occurred during the Anita Hill Trials; soon after, we started BUST. But we rarely broached the subject in the zine; too busy we were writing about our lives, and I’m happy about that. Still. Now, here in my 50’s, it’s hard to hide from what’s happening outside my keyboard. And women like Elizabeth Warren and Governor Kate Brown, who are on the inside, they’re women I’m following. Because: the future remains female.

Wait, what? There’s a Tinder-like app for Teens? And it’s via Snapchat? So what’s the point of Instagram?

New York I love you. I love that you showed up in force, to support AdRock. I love that you were appalled by what happened, I love that you listened to Adam Horovitz, I love that you honored Adam Yauch. A big round of I Love You’s for you, New York.

Finally, laugh a little. Here’s a freebie from Wyatt Cenac.


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