Friday BARB Up November 25, 2016

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I am a woman who as a child, watched “The Brady Bunch” every week, first run. The Brady’s depicted life as I didn’t know it, a large blended white family with a live in housekeeper and perfect white teeth. Still. Carol Brady was the Mom I didn’t have: engaged and wacky, with an American accent. And so, to wake up today, and read that she’s passed away, while I never met her in real life, and while I know Florence Henderson had a huge career outside of the Brady Bunch,  I’m a bit sad about the loss of this important albeit fictional Mom.

No shit Sherlock. Yet another study that says Women hold back. Please. We know this. Maybe suggest a study to find out the tools women can utilize to not hold back.

Nina Shaw. Another woman I admire. “You get older, and you just reach a point where you say, ‘I don’t care, I am who I am, what I have is what I have.”

What?!?! The airbnb guests stole the vibrators! SOMEONE CATCH THEM NOW! Come on, you’re going to steal someone’s toys? Have a little class, man.

Some good news for menopausal women who experience pain during sex. Hopefully, this is something that works.

I am so thankful that I no longer have to see children’s movies, now that my own child is a bonafide Teenager, but that there is a declaration of a Disney movie being more feminist than the last one makes me smile. Here’s to Moana.

That’s it for now. Have fun on your Black Friday.


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