Saturday BARB Up

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“Soldier on. And also don’t go looking for a job. Go to make a job or make other jobs. In other words, I think we have to get on the front foot instead of getting paralyzed by not having any work in whatever field we’re in. Think how can I start something which will actually employ two or three other people. What do we need? What can I give to society? And I think that’s the attitude we have to have.” So says Jeremy Irons on The Nerdist. And I’m really in alignment with this ethos. Particularly now, with a new administration that represents a super unknown. The questions of capital and resources and all that? Let that come after you create the Big Idea.

I always enjoy Caitlin Moran, her wit combined with her sense of prose, nails the root of her case every time. To wit: “The parameters of jobs for women on film are pretty consistent: they should allow her to wear whatever she wants, so she can express her personality through her wacky/hot outfits (that’s half of a woman’s entire personality, amiright?).”

Why am I thinking about work on a Saturday? Because the shopping emails are inundating me.

I had no idea there was a National Women’s Hockey League. But these young women do. “I really do take pride in the fact that I could be a mentor and a model for other young girls, to see it really is possible if you put the work in no matter your situation or where you’re from,” says Kelsey Koelzer.

Hey, WOC! There’s a man in DC waiting for you! Eye roll, barf, etc.

Some advice for the first time sex-toy future enthusiast. (Mine will always be this: Ladies, get your Hitachi Magic Wand.)

Another woman in her fifties makes the great leap forward, gets a new career and lives to be written about it.

Daily Michelle Obama Loooooove: More reasons we will miss her as First Lady.

I love you Nikki Glaser.



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