Wednesday BARB Up November 30, 2016

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I am, if you haven’t noticed by now, obsessed with women and their lives. I was looking for a photo to post today and went onto my friend Jessica’s Bennett’s Facebook page for Feminist Fight Club and found this photo. Jessica reminds us that Robin Morgan’s Sisterhood Is Powerful begins with the line, “This book is an action.” What a great reminder for us all, right here, right now. A reminder to me too, to keep going with BARB. To keep building it. To keep growing it. To keep at it. And so here I am, acting. Making something happen for me, for you.

More, more, more Chimamanda. All day, every day.

Kathleen Madigan. At it for 28 years. And on it. “To me, comedy is supposed to be fun.”

I was always fascinated by the Guerrilla Girls. Now we’ve got an inside perspective written by Donna Kaz.

Cecile Richards is another woman who firmly lives by the ethos of action. “It’s not the civil rights movement, it’s not the suffragist movement, but it’s about as close as we’re going to see in our lifetime.”

And speaking of Planned Parenthood, this asshole. What a call to action that appointment is! And speaking of the President-Elect, he’s got THREE women of color on board.

The NYT wonders if a corset is feminist, and so I’d like to point out the basic party line of this third wave feminist: Fashion is Feminist.

Wait, a short history on the Women’s Vote.



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