Thursday BARB Up December 1, 2016

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Most mornings, I wake up around 7 am. I usually go to the bathroom window that faces east, and enjoy the view. Recently, I’ve started taking a shot of the view and posting it to my Finsta. I like the consistency of watching New York’s sky line wake up. I like the stillness of that hour, before the schools flood with excited children, before the streets swarm with impatient drivers, before the tick tock of my brain starts Edward Munching me. I enjoy the quiet. And I get it in this moment.

Now I’m on my couch, searching for articles of interest to a lady like us. I’m deliberately avoiding too much commentary on the impending changes that will hit us as women and as Americans, preferring instead, to focus on the positive. So here we go.

I am halfway through Johnny Marr’s memoir Set The Boy Free and I am thoroughly enjoying his romantic look back on his childhood, starting The Smiths and beyond. I’m just at the point where The Smiths have broken up, Johnny Marr is all of 23. So looking forward to reading what came next. (I mean, I know, I own a copy of his collab with Bernard Sumner, that band Electronic.)

And when I’m done with Set The Boy Free, I’m diving headfirst into Regina Thomashauer’s Pussy. Look, I’m a sucker for reclamation and for vaj.


Caitlin Moran is on her press tour promoting Moranifesto and this is what she has to say about feminism: “The reason I wrote “How To Be A Woman” was so many girls came up to me in bars and said, “Yeah I’m not really a feminist.” And I would go, “okay, I absolutely accept what you say, because I will presume this: I will assume you did not go to school and you did not get an education that was equal to that of boys, that you had no option to go into further education because that is closed to women. The very few employment options you had—all of which will be curtailed off after you get married—when you did get your paycheck, all that money went to your husband.  You’re not allowed to own property in your own right. If you had children they would be the legal property of your husband, not you, and that you are absolutely fine with all that. I’m presuming that’s what your life is, and you’re happy with it. Because if that’s what it was, it means yeah, you’re not a feminist. But if you did go to school, if you were educated, if you do keep your paycheck, if you do have legal rights over your own body and co-own your own children, I have to tell you: Congratulations, you are a feminist, and you live that life because other people who proudly came before you and used the word ‘feminist’ fought for that and sometimes died for that.”

Blastr’s pick of 7 characters they’d like to see reimagined as women of color.

Oh really? Women’s work is undervalued? SHOCKER.

Hero puppy saves hero’s puppy’s lady walker!

When Elizabeth Warren partners with Bernie Sanders to caution against a bill that supposedly could help fund cancer research, you need to really read up on what the details of that bill really plans to do (ahem, hello deep pockets of the pharmaceutical industry).

Having roommates in your 40’s+. Perks!

Dorthe Nors discusses (and writes about) how invisible a woman over 40 feels.

And, finally, a little bit by Leslie Jones.


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