Friday BARB Up! December 2, 2016

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I’m going to try this new thing, where I don’t post on the weekends. See how that goes. I’m still so very in the beta phase, wondering what works, in terms of frequency. Next week, I begin my photo series, 50 Women: Transitions. Well, I begin shooting it. If you have any interest in participating, email me.

In addition to all the other things I love, I love the weekends. I like having the time to map out how I spend my time, that’s not connected to how I pay my rent. I have movies on deck, hanging with friends, even some old school burlesque. Time, time is something I think about a lot, and it’s not how I fill it, it’s how little of it there is, and how I want to make the most of it. I know, this is so Oprah-esque, but maybe there’s a reason women over 40 wax poetic about time, and come up with things like The Secret and Crafting; I’ve spent so much of my life running and chasing. And now? I just want to stay present, be in the moment, savor it. Really, savor it. And so, the weekends? It’s the best time to do so.

When I landed a job this summer, I treated myself to an over-the-top purchase of Oliver People’s sunglasses, which I’m wearing in the photo above. I’m heartbroken to admit that I’ve lost them. I have never lost a pair of fancy sunglasses, so this one, this one is a real face plant of a moment for me.

If you are a menstruating woman that owns a Nokia product, well then, this one’s for you.

An attempt at breaking down the generation clash in the workplace. Listen, y’all. People of all ages need to work. Stop being a dick about it.

What is Kate Brown up to? Everything! She’s killing it!

So. There’s a vibrator alarm clock. Cool, cool.

WOC & endometrial cancer. What Gwen Ifill died of.

Nail polish and gender politics. Talk amongst yourselves while I sit back for my mani.

Ha, she said. Ha and Ha. Laugh a little, with Lynn Koplitz.


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