Monday BARB Up December 5, 2016

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Ready for Monday?

I am.

I’m ready to embrace today. I’m ready for certain areas in my apartment to be painted. I’m ready to go to the gym. I’m ready to watch last night’s Walking Dead.

I mean, I adore having the weekend to pile on things that I want to do. In fact, yesterday I shot my first profile photo for the upcoming BARB series, Transitions, which I’m rolling out in January. And I like waking up on Sunday morning and watching the recorded episode of Saturday Night Live. And I like just being a lay about.

But I’m ready for Monday. So here we go.

If you are beginning to consider what you want to be for Halloween in 2017, check out these. Also note, that to purchase one goes towards a donation for Women’s Reproductive Healthcare.

Elizabeth Warren is hoping to get a bill passed that will make hearing aids affordable.

So why are powerful women good for the economy? I don’t understand why this article is necessary if it’s not offering concrete solutions rather than stating the obvious like this statement: Give a development dollar to a woman and 90 cents of it goes to the good of her family and the community.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Now is the time to listen to you always: “The case for women is not that they are inherently better or more moral. It is that they are half of humanity and should have the same opportunities—and be judged according to the same standards—as the other half.”

There’s a World Burlesque Fest happening in London. Please go and tell me all about it.

There are 21 women in the Senate. Not sure whether to be grateful or what’s the other emotion? Oh yeah, appalled.

Go, Lynn Harris, go. Creating a school where young girls can learn how to do stand up? Amazing.

Finally, a quick laugh with Sarah Silverman.


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