Tuesday BARB Up December 6, 2016

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There are two moments of nightly television I never miss: the opening monologues of Seth Meyers on Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Why? Because their point of view on the state of the union post-election is hilarious, frightening and on point. I need their semblance of reality check. I need their reminder that we have to fight. I need their call to action. Because it’s so easy for me to put the blinders on. So easy. But I can’t. I can’t hide. I can’t ignore. I can’t pretend. I can however, listen to their monologues, and I can take their ethos wrapped in clever jokes and use it as a call to action.

Of course I watch Samantha Bee every week. I’d watch her if she were on every night, every day, every every.

About two years ago, I was invited by RiotFest to be on a panel with Nadya Tolokonnikova and Masha Alyokhina (and some men); meeting them, being with them, was an honor, as you can imagine. Their fight has been inspiring. I followed, as so many of us, the journey of Pussy Riot, and in the years since their incarceration, they have not backed away from being advocates for free speech. In a recent interview with the NY Times, Nadya reminds us that complacency is the road less traveled as she says, “But it’s not the end of the story because we are prepared to fight.”

The brilliant Adrienne Day writes poignantly about the horrific fire and tragedy in Oakland.

So, I’m noticing on my facebook feed that adds for soft clog shoes are popping up, replacing the old Fluevog ones. Is Facebook actively ageism-ing me?

Madonna. Hail to Madge.“”Relevance” is a catchphrase that people throw out because we live in a world full of discrimination. Age is only brought up with regard to women. It’s connected to sexism, chauvinism and misogyny.”

And also, hail to Elizabeth Warren: “We are the party on the side of working people. That’s what we have to make clear.”

AND HAIL TO OPRAH WHO WILL BE INTERVIEWING MICHELLE!!!!!!!! Tune in to CBS on  Dec. 19 at 8/7c and/or  OWN on Dec. 21 at 9/8c.

Artist Natalie Baxter’s “soft, impotent” take on guns. “I am using the traditionally feminine craft of sewing and quilting to emasculate these objects of power and destruction into droopy, impotent, soft sculptures.”

Here are some sex toys that you can use while your kids or your nosy  parents and/or in-laws are around.

Another industry where women are highly unrepresented:  college presidents.

Now, have a laugh. With Margaret Cho.


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