Wednesday BARB Up December 7, 2016

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Here we are, Wednesday. Nice to see you.

I’m juggling time, right now. Having enough time to eat, work, sleep, and all the things in between. A few weeks ago, I did a slight rundown of my day. For me, that day is everyday. Being present for my child. Being present in my day-t0-day. Being present for my mother, my friends, my colleagues. It’s a juggle. Sometimes, I’ve got everything up in the air, seamlessly flowing into one another. Other days, I’m struggling to keep the balls moving from hand to hand. And still, I hang in there. Because I have to.

And now we have this: those so-called beauty products marketed towards black women? Not with good intention.

Aleppo, as seen through the eyes of 7 year old Bana Alabed, on Twitter, with a little help from her mama, Fatemah. Clear your schedule, it’s an emotional and addictive journey.

43 million women are in menopausal territory. And soon, quite possibly, there could be a drug to help with the hot flashes. I’d like to note that in addition to that pill, I’d like to see someone invent a mammogram machine that doesn’t take your breast and flatten it into a pancake and leave you wheezing for breath.

When you’ve been a contestant on The Apprentice, I guess you can have an opinion on Trump’s ability to hire. “He does not judge people on their gender or race. He judges them on their ability to do the job.” Oh, Omarosa. (Also, her full name? Omarosa Manigault. I’m learning so much everyday!)

Being curvy in the dating app world, as told by a young person; not the BARB demo, I know, but I see it as a thought starter for us. Once BARB is up and running, I will be writing about the dating app world, and how much of a revelation it’s been to me.

Wait! A vibrator designed for women by women? Tell me more! And then go order it on their Kickstarter!

I heart Cyndi Lauper. “When I came out and I was doing Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun) I was 30. Everyone would ask how old I was and I’d say ‘Why? You want to kick the tires and check under the hood for the mileage?’ We’re not cars, we’re people.”

Now, have a laugh. With Janeane.


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