Thursday BARB Up December 8, 2016

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What’s so great about having information at your fingertips is that you literally have information at your fingertips! This means you have the ability to act from your couch or your desk or you hand held device. You can sign up to Mikki Halpin’s Action Now newsletter for information on rallies, petitions and groups that you can sign up for, donate to, tweet about. And there’s these women who run organizations that you can become engaged with, through your laptop.  It’s literally that easy. Of course, staying informed requires having interests, so choose an interest and get behind it. This is how we can fight. Literally, at your fingertips.

Michelle Obama, heart heart heart, is going to be on Viceland’s Balls Deep.

Tina Fey. Just read it.

Another fighter: Cecile Richards. “We’ve spent 100 years” getting ready for this fight.”

Gifts for the Ladies Like Us. Also, please go to Diane Kane’s website and get yourself a Feminist embossed in gold t-shirt.

Rewriting the princess fairy tale to be more feminist? Yes, this woman did so.

Now, have a laugh with Joan Rivers. Live at the Apollo.





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