Friday BARB Up December 9, 2016

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December brings about lists: gifts to buy, holiday cards to send, yearly round ups of favorite music and film and tv shows and all the other things that we consume for distraction. I hope that next year I will have more of a list for you, but for now, here are three shows that I watched in 2016 that I thoroughly enjoyed.

  1. Better Things. Pamela Adlon as a single mom to three daughters, the eldest being a teenager, while juggling a career and a dating life? Yes. Sign me up. Not only is the conceit relevant to my personal interests, but the show itself–from the way it’s shot to the writing to the acting–is operating at a high level of intelligence and emotional depth, with a smile and a lot of love.
  2. Fleabag. Phoebe Waller-Bridge as a 30-ish woman trying to sort out her place in the world? With a sister who has it all? And questionable male partners? And a best friend, who is her partner in business? With a dollop of darkness? Please, let me see more of this. Of Fleabag herself and how she copes with her endless array of wrong turns. I root for her, I want her to come out on top and I would love to see more of her.
  3. Search Party. I like watching shows about people in their 20s, and Search Party does not disappoint. Alia Shawket is the lead, as Dory, a woman in her 20s, who becomes obsessed with the disappearance of a girl she once knew, sort of. I remember being a Dory, knowing I had so much to offer the world, and not finding my place until I did find it, with BUST. And Dory, this obsession she has, gives her a sense of worth, in the midst of all of her questions about her life itself–her relationship, her friends, her future. So, so, so good.

I do consume a lot of watching-product. I watch things on Hulu, Amazon, Netflix as well as what’s on my cable box, and all the other digital services that have long-form programming. I watch mostly, while on the elliptical at Equinox, and after putting this small list together, I think what I will do is report as I watch a full series. Yes, that’s what I will do. Have a great weekend, see you on Monday.

Speaking of watching, PBS has a piece on Women in the military, rookies as well as veterans.

Gloria Steinem on DJT: “He’s beyond trying to understand or explain. We just have to oppose him.”

The Alexandra Museum of Art has a fascinating exhibition called Beyond Mammy, Jezebel, & Sapphire: Reclaiming Images of Black Women.

Hillary Clinton on the fake news:  “This isn’t about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk — lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs, contribute to their communities. It’s a danger that must be addressed, and addressed quickly.”

Chimamanda speaking to my heart. “There are many intelligent, thoughtful, innovative women who are interested in beauty and fashion, and we shouldn’t have any judgment about that.”

Elizabeth Warren is not impressed by DJT’s pick for Labor Secretary. The dude equates raising the minimum wage with a hampering of economic growth. And other swell attitudes. Shocker.

The Hollywood Reporter honored Tina Fey, and you can watch her hilarious and moving speech here. Well, once you sift through Jon Hamm.

Sara Seager is an astrophysicist who is looking for another Planet Earth.

And there’s hope! A woman’s shelter gets a much needed dose of dollars. Which makes sense.

And also? There are some states where women earn more than men. Here’s a detailed look into what those roles are. Woot, and woot.

Now, have a laugh. With Grammy nominee, Tig Notaro.


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