Wednesday BARB Up December 14, 2016

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I’m still on a high from the Women and Allies March that I went on this past Monday. To be around so many women, so fierce and powerful, so invested, it was inspiring. Here’s another avenue of pro-action you can partake in: getting online training to support LGBT community. You can do it from the tips of your fingers on the keyboard.

Oh! I have a treat for you.  It’s a quiz! Take it and let’s talk.

What is it? The ASMR ( Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,) quiz measures what stimuli triggers your own brain orgasm. You know, that feeling where your whole head tingles and you’re suddenly so psyched? Yes. That feeling. And there are specific audio, visual and physical sensations that can stimulate the good vibes. I took it, and so now I know. I like…well, that’s between me and the quiz.

Sexy times! There are also certain birth control methods that can trigger your need to be sexed up right now.

And if you have Apple TV (I don’t, but will happily take yours) you can swipe right to your hearts content from your couch. You can order Thai food and a body blanket without having to get up!

Ladies, listen. Your pleasure is your greatest body of control. Take advantage of the time you have alone, with yourself. You deserve a break! And beyond what you deserve, which is everything, everything, everything, why not have an orgasm? It’s the ultimate pleasure. Give it to yourself. Every day.

And now, have a laugh, in bed with Joan Rivers.



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