Tuesday BARB Up December 20, 2016

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With the exception of the cup of coffee (substitute it with a green iced tea), this is my ideal creative life. A keyboard, my camera, a plant I’m nurturing, and a notebook. I look forward to trying to put the thoughts in my head into a tangible format; in my childhood it was a notebook, in my teens it was a typewriter and as an adult, it was a computer that was the conduit for my fertile creative mind. My Dad fostered that creativity, upgrading the typewriters with better models–we even owned an electric typewriter, when those became a thing–encouraging me to write, write, write. And so I did, and I haven’t stopped.

Other ways to be creative: Build a time machine.

Launch a startup, and as a thank you gift, give birth control for free to your base.

Find love with a new opening line.

Join Action Now for ideas on how to participate in the world around you.

And now, a slap of reality from Samantha Bee.



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