Thursday BARB Up December 22, 2016

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So, North Carolina governmental folks don’t support the Trans community. Texas is pulling funding for Planned Parenthood out of the Medicaid program. In New Zealand, a fairly progressive nation, the new PM is like, BAH, the F-Word!

And it’s not just the political landscape that feels like it’s crushing us: it’s happening to our bodies, ourselves too.Women in their early 40’s are having heart attacks. We spent the 90’s examining the effects mainstream media had on body image; I had my own little cocktail of an eating disorder thanks to my body dysmorphia. This generation has its own demon, in the wake of social media, selfies and butt obsession. Hey Instagram, I love you but damnmit. You’re part of this too. Oh, and even Bjork, who has always stuck to the music to say what she’s feeling, is letting you know, via Facebook, what she’s thinking. EVEN Bjork is like WTF. Bjork.

As a woman and as a human being, I on occasion wonder if I’m living in Bizarro World. Watching and reading the news every morning is frightening. What’s happening in the White House is horrifying. Watching what’s happening in the dark corners of legislation is ….well, it is just terrible. And I’m pissed. I. Am. Pissed.

Anger is an intrinsic part of my nature. Of all women’s natures. It’s to be embraced and nurtured. So that when you need to access it, you can. Unleash your fury. Because it’s time. Good girls do. And we need to do it now. We need to fight. We need to speak up, like Bjork just did. Because giving up is the hardest thing. The most unacceptable thing. The thing that is not an option. I want to have a chance. At the job. At love. At everything. I’m surrounded, in my personal life, by good. And because I live inside that good, I can go outside, and fight.

There’s hope. There’s Michelle Obama getting into it with Oprah.

We can help in the fight to pass the ERA! There are only three more states that need to do it! (These are the outliers: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia). Florida is heating up; if you’re anywhere near Florida, get into it! Or reach out to 

Meet some of the women of color who are changing the landscape of the food industry.

I’ve been reading with great interest The Atlantic’s Ambition Series. The final except is finally up. Read the whole thing and then, let’s talk.

Also, in case you’re getting your dates confused, there’s an answer: Spreadsheets.

And now, have a laugh with Marina Franklin.



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