Friday BARB Up December 23, 2016

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What’s on YOUR mind as you go into a weekend filled with celebratory mission statements? Let me know. I’ll be here listening.

I’ve been taken this week by the amount of things women DO. Ladies like us? With things we need to get done? Check in with our friends, our families, ourselves? File a report, a report card, a fingernail? Take care of our parents, our children, our needs? Yes, our needs. Because our needs need to be met, addressed, adhered to. And so I urge you, to give something to yourself while you’re running around, DOing things. I like doing for others; I really like doing for myself too.

I like knowing that Beyonce, Rihanna and Solange reign.

I like that Jenna Jameson is standing up for her colleagues.

I like that we can all win tickets to see Hamilton if we donate to Planned Parenthood.

I like these boots.

I like that Elizabeth Warren has her finger on the pulse of those of us over-fifty-year-olds with college loans.

I like an exhibition with a middle finger raised high and proud.

I like a lot of these things famous women said in the year 2016.

I ALWAYS like a guide to using waterproof vibrators.

And I like having a laugh. Enjoy Michelle Buteau.






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