Monday BARB UP December 26, 2016

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All morning, I’ve been singing “Freedom,” one of my favorite songs by George Michael, who passed away yesterday. He was 53 years old. Yes I was a Wham! fan. How could I not be? The music was intoxicatingly infectious. When George Michael left Wham! and start churning out hit after hit, while I had already moved solidly into my I-won’t-listen-to-pop-music-phase anymore as I discovered The Wedding Present and The Pixies and The The, I still, despite my more “mature” tastes, very much enjoyed “Father Figure” and “I Want Your Sex.” George Michael brought magic to my ears. I’m sure to yours as well.

Sex is on women’s brains, still, according to a bunch of research. And what a surprise? Why shouldn’t women over 40 want sex? Sex is not simply the bastion of youth. It belongs to us all. In fact, if you need any toys, go to my favorite source of funtimes, Adam and Eve.

I spent much of Christmas Day watching the SeeSo series, Bajillion Dollar Properties, a reality spoof series. It is so packed with jokes, I literally had to, on many occasion, press rewind to rewatch a scene, I was laughing so hard. I think you would too.

And now have a laugh with Janeane Garofalo. And also this one, from 1992.



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