Thursday BARB UP December 29, 2016

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Today is a good day.

It is my mother’s 77th birthday.

I haven’t had a headache yet.

I got my dog to walk in the rain.

It’s the little things, that make my day a good one. And that’s what I hold on to, as this year wraps up, as the days pile on, as things remain elastic. Trying to find the positive in every moment.  I cleave to the sunshine of it. And because I do, I can put one foot in front of the other. It helps. It helps a lot.

Particularly in the wake of the last two months. When it’s so important that we do more. And so we, must. Women, that is. And we will. Women will soldier on. Women will fight back. Women will march. Women will make change. Women will break through. Women will make it. Women will keep at it. Women will.

According to a Gallop poll, Hillary and Michelle are the most admired women of the year.

Natasha Sotynoff is grabbing back.

Ingrid Jungermann, the director of Women Who Kill. “I’m really interested in the relationship between feminism and violence. Why are women always the victims of violence, rather than the perpetrators? Women aren’t allowed to just be angry or violent for no reason.”

“I heard someone say a black girl in a ballet is a distraction. If there are 25 white girls, everyone will look at the black girl. Everyone must be alike in a company, meaning everyone must be white.” Benjamin Millipied’s take on things at the Paris Opera Ballet.

Bollywood embraces feminism.

I am fascinated by the second shift, always have been. That you can work a full day outside the home–your demanding job, your challenging career, your tiresome clients and patrons and vendors and your supervisors and your subordinates all raining down on you–and still, when you come home, there is more work to be done. There is dinner to make, there is that disgusting ball of tissue tossed on the floor that needs to be picked up, there is the dog that needs to be walked. There is so much to DO. I’ve raised my daughter on my own, so the second shift for me is profoundly personal, not a source of tension at all. It’s part of my day. But for my friends who are in domestic relationships? Well. That’s another ballgame altogether.

Here’s a round up of empowering Carrie Fisher quotes. And, oh her poor mother. RIP Debbie Reynolds.

And now, have a laugh with Joan Rivers.


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