Transitions: Diana Kane English

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I met Diana Kane English on Facebook. Yes, Facebook! I was drawn to her “Feminist” t-shirt (bought one, you ought to too) yes but also her overall vibe: approachable, open, fun. Months later, we met at Bubby’s for a late lunch and talked about being Moms and the March and being the women we are right now. It was the best part of my day, my favorite kind of first date with a new friend. So here are 8 questions answered by Diana Kane English.

What is your name?
Diana Kane English.

How old are you?

If you were to give your 20-years-ago-self any advice, what would it be?
Don’t try so hard to please others. It’s a waste of time.

What is your biggest concern for yourself for the next ten years?
Yikes, this is a slippery slope! I worry about the well-being and health of people I love, and financial security.

What is your relationship situation?
Married, for seventeen years.

How do you define work?
Good question. I’ve been self-employed for just about my whole professional life—at least the last 20 years. When I’m engaged and loving my “work” it doesn’t feel like work at all, as much as something fun I look forward to sinking my teeth into. “Work” tends to equal something I’m not so fond of, in my case, sadly, paperwork.
How do you define relaxation?
Okay, I kinda hate the term, but self-care falls into a relaxation place for me: things I do for myself: reading a novel, taking a yoga class, having coffee or taking a walk with a girlfriend, a museum on my own. All of those fall into the relaxation category.

What is your favorite band?
This is the hardest of your questions! I’m defined by the bands of my teenage years, and at risk of losing any cool factor I may have: I still love U2. I just do. The Edge, sigh..…  though I’m kinda fickle, I don’t have anything they’ve done recently. Other loves include Velvet Underground, Luna, Blondie, Talking Heads, No Doubt.

It was much easier for me to think of individual artists, rather than bands. In that category it’s all Prince, Madonna, Bowie, Bjork. I like the bold, gender-bending, shiny stars.


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