Tuesday BARB Up, January 10, 2017

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Here’s my doh! for the day. Yesterday, in gushing about the Three Graces–Tracee, Viola, Meryl–I glossed over another important speech a woman made at the Golden Globes by Claire Foy who won an award for her performance in The Crown (a huge thank you to Rebcoh, who pointed this out to me on Instagram): “I really, really, really wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for some extraordinary women. I’m going to thank them. One of them is Queen Elizabeth II. She ahs been at the center of the world for the past 63 years, and I think the world could do with a few more women at the center of it, if you ask me. And finally another extraordinary woman in the making, my girl. I love you, you’re the future, and oh, you’re just brilliant.”

Sniff. Oh Michelle Obama. How we will miss your intelligence and grace and everything else about you.

Roxane Gay: “I think that women of colour throughout history have had to deal with the kinds of suppression that Donald Trump is going to bring about. I think white women in general have also dealt with the marginalization that women experience in this country, but they haven’t dealt with it to the extent we’re going to see in a Donald Trump presidency. They’re going to notice their lives aren’t as comfortable as they once were.”

I’m obsessing with how I and 11 million other American will be impacted by Obamacare’s future and how it affects women’s health issues, beyond the dismantling of Planned Parenthood’s funding.

Elizabeth Warren, watchdoggin’.

Sleep is something that doesn’t always come easy to me, so if there’s a gadget on the market that can help, I’m interested.

And now, have a laugh with Janeane Garofalo.


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