Thursday BARB Up January 12, 2017

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A snapshot of a BARB day.

Wake up 7:30. Prep lunch for child. Walk dog. Ready myself for my day. Read the news. Work on BARB. Upload photos from the show I produce at UCB, We Hope You Have Fun, onto Facebook. Check in with MOM. Head to lunch with dear dear dear friend. Walk to the office. Spend afternoon in meetings. Putting out fires. Holding therapy sessions for colleagues. Successfully avoid PEOTUS press conference. Text with myriad friends. Weigh in on daughter’s book endeavors as needed. Plan to have a coffee with a friend before I go home. Wait for the friend for an hour. Get stood up. Walk home. Pick up ice cream to soothe the bruising of the day. House is a hopping. Parenting is required. It’s too late to go to the gym. Try to walk the dog. But it’s raining and dog, well, dog doesn’t like the rain. Go back home. Try to fall asleep. Almost make it for three hours. Insomnia hits instead. What a  a day.

Your day, I’m sure is a lot like mine. Lots of lines crossed. Expectations to manage. People who need you. I hope you find the time in your day for yourself. If you’re like me—someone who gives a lot of herself to others—it’s a challenge. I try to walk as much as I can; it’s the only time in my day where I’m alone. And if I can avoid looking at my phone, well, that’s kudos to me. I also try to remember 3 good things that happen in my day, which helps ease the pain of the other things. Those 3 good things? Well, thankfully, I can find them in my day. And that? That keeps the smile on my face.

More things that make me smile:

Did someone say sex toys?

Did someone say cute socks?

Did someone say Wonder Woman stamps?

Did someone say EMO Night?

Did someone say a stellar episode of Blackish?

And now have a laugh with Samantha Bee.





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