Monday BARB Up, January 16, 2017

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I started writing about Martin Luther King Jr., as today is MLK day, and realized, the dog needed to go out for a walk. I returned, and my internet was down, and whatever I’d written was lost. There’s the constant rub; the world at large, and the tiny universe with with I live. It’s a constant concentric circle I move in. But I know this: every year I listen to Dr. King’s legendary “I Have A Dream” speech. I have it playing right now as I type. I hope you can today as well.

That Malia and Sasha had control of the White House would have made Dr. King so proud. He had the Dream. And it made it all the way to the White House. Bless.

If you’re online in any way, you know that this coming weekend is the Women’s March. Whether you are travelling to DC or staying local, you will be witness to a historic gathering of women and men, protesting. So many people will be wearing the Pussy Hat; I had to giggle when I read that, because of the high demand, there is a shortage of pink yarn!

Please check out the second in my series of my interviews with women called Transitions. Today’s post features my dear friend Lydia Lacey.

RIP Linda Landau, who passed away at the age of 78. She started doing stand up at the age of 60. What a badass.

Orcas may have clued in scientists as to why our female bodies have to endure menopause.

Yasmina Rossi. At 61, she does yoga and she Instagrams. In fact, it’s her Insta that’s most interesting to me. Her outlook on life is inspirational to me. “I practice since more than 30 years. I am not very flexible and still cannot do a standing hands without a wall but I enjoy it a lot.”

Lady Liberty coin as a Woman of Color. Finally.

And finally have a laugh with Linda Landau.


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