Tuesday BARB Up January 17, 2017

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On a lighter note…I’m obsessed with nail polish. OBSESSED. I have a penchant for browns and pinks and beiges and blacks and well, almost any color excepts blues and greens. I like the idea of my nails looking coiffed, the sheen of a color exuding a glamorous feel. The reality is my nails are brittle, and when they grow, they grow straight up and crack. So, I keep painting them. Hide the bits that I don’t like (short little nails) and highlight the part I do like (colors!). The real problem is that I like to pick at my nail polish. Which is just about the unhealthiest thing you can do for your nails. Because when you pick at the polish, you are literally scraping the skin off the nail bed. What should I do? Well. I need to curb my enthusiastic nail polish picking. Easier said than done, naturally.

On a sweeter note, the Instagram of Uzo Aduba makes me happy.

Tips on the March, right here.

Obama in dad jeans. Classic.

Does age matter? Well, for some dudes.

When you fall in love with Amy Winehouse.

Sophia Chang: “One of the most strident racial dichotomies I’ve ever seen is the difference between how Asian women and Asian men are perceived sexually. My sisters and I are exoticized, eroticized, and fetishized whereas my brothers are castrated, emasculated, and ridiculed. And I find both infuriating.”

Millie Jackson’s Phuck You Symphony never fails to lift my spirits.

And now have a laugh with Margaret Cho.



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