V-Matters: Take Charge Remote Control Bullet Review

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Take Charge Remote Control Bullet by Corinna Kim

Take Charge Remote Bullet

Take Charge Remote Bullet

I’ve always been curious about the thrill of slim, remote control vibrators that you can wear in public, relinquishing the control to your partner or managing it yourself. But instead of excitement, I was skeptical when I took this particular model out of the box. For starters, the little black bullet is hard as a rock. I had a tough time believing that it would feel good walking or sitting with it lodged in my vagina. After a solo apartment experiment, it turns out I was right—it felt as odd as someone sticking a finger up your nose. So I reverted to plan B: use it on your clit. I was out of luck there, too.

I like the idea of a hands free device, leaving you open to other exploration, but unless you slot this bullet into a tight pair of panties there’s no way to hold it in place. Not to mention it’s way too bulky for underwear. When you just use it manually though, it slips around when it gets slick and there’s no grip. Also, there’s a remote control to manage—so much work! A partner can help, but the remote is so basic it gives no indication of which of the ten settings you’re on. And all of the settings tend to be light, buzzy vibes versus the throbbier kind. For some this may only feel like a tickle.

From its shoddy manufacturing to unwieldy usage, this was a disappointment. (The icing on the cake was when it ate through my batteries in no time.) The vibrator reminded me of those yellow, oval plastic containers you get out of the quarter candy machine, except in this case there was no sweet treat.

Available from Adam & Eve, $29.95


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