Tuesday BARB Up, January 24, 2017

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Are we in a sexual revolution?  That the dating apps, which make it so easy to shop for humans, allow for a fluid exploration of sexual identity and behavior. It’s been my experience since joining the dating app world in the summer of 2015, that I’ve increased my numbers game to the level it was in my post-divorce years. I’ve met maybe three people in the old school way–at a party, in a bar, through a friend—that have turned into viable relationships, but beyond those people? Every one else has made their way to me via a digital component. Swiping is a go-to; if insomnia seizes me, I can do some low-cost date-browsing instead of going to Zappos. And really, dating? It’s a chore. From who is picking up the tab to having to listen to the laundry list of someone’s day, it’s work, the kind of work you need to be committed to to endure. Sex, however, is not. And it’s easy to have. Yes, there may be the complications of roommates and minors, but it’s still quite easy to get off. Which is why practicing the rules of safe sex is imperative to one’s health. You will hear the old adage “But I was just tested!” And I often believe someone was just tested. But in general, men are not tested for HPV; it’s so easy to contract, that I don’t know many women who do not have it. So. Fuck all you want. And use the condoms. They are the final frontier to your health.

Yep, I am still beside myself in having to say goodbye to Michelle and Barack Obama. Watching Sasheer Zamata and Cecily Strong sing to Sir With Love turned me into a puddle of mush.

Books by my favorite authors as well as new ones to discover are coming out! Han Kang, Roxanne Gay, and even, that long awaited Game of Thones one!

Sarah Silverman, explaining two wrongs don’t make a right, even if it means punching a Neo-Nazi in the face.

If you like glamour as well as La La Land, you will love this list of Oscar nominations.

It was the anniversary of Roe V. Wade. Abortions are down. We’re fighting for Planned Parenthood.  And POTUS is gunning for us all. And so we march. And so we fight.

And now have a laugh with Tig Notaro.


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