Monday BARB UP January 29, 2017

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It’s hard to breathe. It’s been hard to breathe all weekend. I was remiss in paying attention to the news on Friday; when I woke Saturday, the horror, the absolute horror of the ban took shape.

It’s been hard to breathe.

Thankfully, those of us 65,844,954 million who care about human rights and the future, showed up. Whether on social media or at the airports, we showed up. The ACLU rallied as the world yet again watched. And I hope we continue to raise our fists and our voices and just say NO.

Because I’d like to be able to breathe with ease again.

Elizabeth Warren: “We will make our voices heard all around this world. We have all heard about this order that President Trump has given… It is illegal. It is unconstitutional. It will be overturned. An attack on anyone for their religious beliefs is an attack on the very foundation of democracy. We will not turn away children, we will not turn away families, we will not turn away people who tried to help Americans. We will not turn away anyone because of their religion.”

There is laughter in New Orleans. Women are doing open mics, and finding their voice as comics.

Solange purchases books for students at Howard University. ““Just remember through the midst of it all to look upward and forward. And that we have the power, in this room, in this space and amongst each other. Seeing all of you guys here as confirmation is really confirmation for me because I needed to see that and I needed to know that the work that we are all doing counts. So I really, really just thank you so much for being here.”

The Dutch get it. “Women and girls should have the right to make their own choices. They should have access to adequate health care.” SHE DECIDES is  a global fundraising, ensuring “that millions of women and girls are in charge of their own bodies.”

I can not get enough of the bon mots spoken by Roxane Gay. “I don’t have access to magical Negro wisdom that white people don’t have access to. Everything is now political. We have the responsibility to make the political personal.”

For those of you with Teenagers, well Tinder for Teens is an actual thing.

A new feature on BARB, the GO-TO. Basically, a list of 5 things I covet and or own.

I’m using this New Yorker cover today as the lead photo for all the reasons BARB exists. Enjoy.

And now have a laugh with Judy Gold.


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