Thursday BARB Up February 2, 2017

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Last night, while I was out with a friend of mine, I got a message from a fella on one of my dating apps: Wanna hook up? He asked. It made my day. I mean, I unmatched him right away, obviously. But what I enjoyed so much was his pure hubris. His intention so clear. It was refreshing; so often, (in fact this morning), I get the meandering approach to what a fella only and really wants from me—his experience with an “older woman.” Still, like with everything else, I’m sticking to my guns and holding out for a quality guy.

So much to do today and so much going on. So let’s get to it.

Amber Ruffin reads POTATUS Black History Month “speech.” Please watch and watch and watch again.

John Cleese has written a letter to we, the people. The good news is that we, the women, are interested. The Women’s March, obviously, was a huge moment for galvanizing our forces. But we’re not done.

So I can’t find a boyfriend, and neither can apes?

Charlotte Cowles has some very good advice and tips for those of us that can’t afford an abortion.

BAM is running a film retrospective  called “One Way or Another: Black Women’s Cinema, 1970–1991.” YES.

You know how every day, your brain explodes because of this guy in the White House? Well, the news that Russia is planning to make it A-OK to punch a woman in the box sent me down a rabbit hole of despair.

Pramila Jayapal: “I’m not a complainer. I’m a doer. So if I see something is wrong, then I feel like I have to get in there and try to fix it. And so that’s when I decided to run. I ran for the state senate and became the only woman of color in the state senate and the first Indian-American ever elected to the Washington State Legislature.”

For those of us who live with teenagers, it turns out that, surprise, surprise, they just want to do things their way. Like we did when we were their age.

Samantha Bee, hero.

And now, have a laugh with Lynn Koplitz.



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