Monday BARB Up February 6, 2017

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While the world was honed in on football, I sat in the dark with hundreds of parents and friends, watching teenagers on stage, performing spoken word, dance, and song at my daughter’s high school. The most moving piece of modern dance featured teenaged girls in nude tone body suits, with Mary Lambert’s Body Love as the soundtrack. Play this video, don’t even watch it, just listen to her voice, and oh that familiar pain will hit you right in the heart.

“Love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet
And brother, arm wrapping shoulders, and remember
This is important
You are worth more than who you attract
You are worth more than a waistline
You are worth more than beer bottles displayed like drunken artifacts
You are worth more than any naked body could proclaim.”

Watching the young women on stage interpret all that is laid out to bare was at once soul crushing and uplifting; that they understood the lyrics was clear. You don’t dance this pain without feeling it and I could see, see in front of me, that the tears streaming down their faces were real. Love your body. LOVE your body. Love your body. Oh, I was so moved.

I was reminded, of course, that loving your body is so critical, at every point in your life. Seeing the oh-s0-young women on that stage, moving so gracefully, at once fluid and panicked was powerful. Knowing what I know now, in particular, that throughout your life, loving your body is tantamount to your core. My relationship with my body has evolved as I’ve gotten older, as my body changes.  I will admit that with each change, I have had to level set; I’ve had to learn how to love my body. For me, it was not intuitive. But, I worked hard at overcoming the insecurities and the self-loathing. And it came down to this, for me: it was up to me.  That I alone control its health, its maintenance, even its safety. And because this is my body, I will take care of it, in sickness and in health. That I will nurture it. That I will embrace it.  That, for the rest of my days, I am imbued with Body Love.

Yes. Sean Spicer, you are looking good.

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but I do know Lady Gaga performed.

There’s a vibrator called Minna Limon. Haven’t tried it, but love the name.

The Governor of Arkansas is not in favor of choice. Asshole.

Finding a group of like-minded women, who become your tribe, as you get older becomes a lifeline. Find your tribe.

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