Wednesday BARB Up February 8, 2017

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So. Here I sit. Unemployed. Obsessed with the podcasts Pod Saves America and Five Thirty Eight and Guys We Fucked. I have no patience right now for the straight forward comedy podcasts. I just want likeminded voices in my ears, aghast at the same things I am. I have not been very politicized in my lifetime–the usual, oh politics bore me–but right now, every step they make, every move they make, I’m watching them. And while there have been abhorrent men tasked with the most important jobs our top officials can hold–deciding the landscape of American lives—the Betsy DeVos debacle has hit the rawest of nerves. Because: she’s now the decider on education. This is a person whose very wealthy family has donated millions of dollars to the Republican Party—the group of smarmy white folk who want to shackle women and toss our Lady Liberty legacy out with the tea—and who has essentially bought her way into the White House.

This kind of behavior is egregious. This kind of entitlement is not representative of the wide berth of our nation. This kind of appointment is insulting—to those of us who believe in public school education, to those of us who have faith in our educators, to those of us who donate money to the public schools our children attend.

Is she qualified to be the Head of Education? I watched, my head shaking from side to side, Cathie Black last for four months as the New York City Schools Chancellor. She was a person, like DeVos with no experience in the world of educators; she was a businesswoman. She lacked the ability to communicate with parents as well as empathy; she mocked the parents. Now, I know DeVos is not Black, but there is a common thread that links the two: experience in the world of education. She may be a savvy politician (I don’t know if she is that), but as a parent having had a child in a public school for the whole of that child’s education, I know that you need to walk in the shoes of that world in order to understand what legislation is necessary to nurture student’s learning experience as well as the impact of educators. DeVos has not had the benefit of being in the public school system, ever. And that, sadly, will not benefit students across the nation.

Okay let’s get to the fun stuff.

A new photo of Harriet Tubman has emerged and goddess bless for this.

The Young Pope. What is this show on HBO really, other than an art piece? The Pope and all the Pope peeps are all mean dickwads? I watch every week, hoping it will explain the magic. And every week, nada. But, for those of us art lovers, there’s that beautiful open where the Young Pope–Jude Law–walks in profile along a corridor filled with art. So, all the pretty things in 30 seconds or less.

Fashion Week is a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood!

When your baby has her own baby…doll.

Here’s an amazing history of Miranda July’s Joanie4Jackie project, which, when I was thrilled to receive and review when I was doing BUST.

And now have a laugh with Kathleen Madigan.


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