Monday BARB Up February 13, 2017

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Oh tomorrow is a Hallmark Day of Love.

I love Valentine’s Day. I just do. I don’t have a Great Love in my life at the moment; over the course of my lifetime, many of my boyfriends were not observers of the Hallmark Day of Love, much to my chagrin. Here’s what I like: an actual celebration of the color heart, the shape of a heart, the excitement in the air. I like getting flowers, opening a box of chocolates, someone saying “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I just love it. So, if you’re observing this grand day of amore, I applaud you. Relish in it. You love, you are loved, and that’s oh-so-lovely.

The Grammys. In case you missed any part of it.

My talented friend Brooke Williams profiles Betye Saar.

When Moms speak up in the name of integration.

Put her on the map yo and #behold.

Solange, honoring Baduizm.

Woman have a place in all industries, like science. No, I didn’t say Weird Science, I said science.

Michaela Angela Davis: “What about a little girl scares an adult so much they need to terrify or humiliate her, and what happens to that adult when they witness she is protected not by the National Guard but by a bullet-proof dignity passed down from generations?”

And now have a laugh with Kristen Schaal and her Beyonce moves.


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