Tuesday BARB Up February 14, 2017

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Oh, hi.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Or Galentine’s Day. Or Palentine’s Day. I will happily accept your flowers if you want to give me a bouquet.

Catch up on the first three parts of my interview with Dana Marlowe, founder of Support The Girls, a non-profit organization that donates bras and feminine hygiene products to women in need. Final part goes up tomorrow.

Are you a Lady Like Us with a story to tell? I’m taking submissions, here.

Elaine Wynn, she of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas fortune, has donated 1 Million dollars to Planned Parenthood. Yes!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:”I’ve chosen to identify with blackness in America.”

Fleabag mastermind, Phoebe Waller-Bridge : “The thing I really got off on was putting a female character out there that was all-knowing about sex and one step ahead, who knew what the guys were thinking before they thought it and yet still played slightly dumb to them. Oh God, it brought me so much pleasure.”

How’s Elizabeth Warren doing? Ready and thank goodness. “It has an important lesson today for all of America… about why it’s so important to have public officials who actually believe in equal rights and equal opportunities for every one of us.”

Betty White on Golden Girls: “A situation comedy about old women? What is that? I think it changed a lot of the thinking and opened the way for a lot of older women.”

A lot of women work on Star Wars too!

And now have a laugh with Lizz Winstead.


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