BARB Booty: Comfortable Shoes

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This summer, I walked every day to and from my then-job, in Times Square from the Upper West Side. Figure 30 blocks each way. And by the end of the summer, my feet began to ache. Yes, I wore the wrong shoes and even now, in February my feet still hurt. So now I’m looking at shoes I can walk long distances in. And so in today’s BARB Booty, I’ve got a few pair I’ve got my eyes on. Or maybe own already.

Look normally I wouldn’t be attracted to a pair of boots with soles that are a different color than the shoe itself plus some stuffing. But these boots? OH MY GOD. You need to own them, like now.  By Coach, and on sale at this very moment, these boots are the most comfortable, easy-to-walk in shoes I own. With a subtle heel. Divine. Own them.



How is it that Superga always knows what I need? Right now, I’m obsessing with shoes I can slide my feet into. Superga has a chunky rubber sole, which for a woman of my stature, is a highly attractive. I’m very into this slides. Very.





I own a few pair of Born shoes and here’s why: they’re super comfortable, easy on my feet and stylish. I’m not looking to walk around awkwardly; I’m looking to walk with confidence. Born makes that possible.


Here’s a pair of slides I normally wouldn’t glance at but it has two things I need right now on my feet: denim and rubber sole. From Rebecca Minkoff, I present all things feet magic, right here.

NIKE Air Max!

And finally, sneakers. Because. Nike Air Max are known for their state-of-the-art midsole experience and blah blah balh, but really? They are exactly what a pair of aching feet need.




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