Thursday BARB Up February 23, 2017

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Yesterday, I went with a friend of mine for lunch at ABC Vegan. I won’t torture you with my review (here’s the NY Times take) other than to tell you it was delicious and I felt honored to be sitting in the dining room with others in the throes of HMMM-HMMM-Good. If you want to treat me to a breakfast or lunch there, I will happily say yes.

Here are the gorgeous plates I ate my food off of:

And here are the mugs you could be sipping tea from:


Okay, that’s it for my moment-of-covet. Now let’s get to the news. Which will undoubtedly make your head explode.

WTF WTF WTF!!!!! Yo, Trump, weren’t you the one boasting that you’d support the LGBTQ community? So? What gives?

Also: China closes up the social media account(s) of Feminist Voices. I’d provide you a link but sadly, all links lead to nowhere.

Maxine Waters on CNN.

Cat People! What’s up?

A teacher wants to educate teenagers about sex as well as death. And not the orgasm version of the d-word.

I go mostly at night to the gym so no one ever tries to hit me up as there are only twelve people ever on the floor and that would get awkward and obvious right quick. Still, this made me laugh.

Here’s the only quote of Jessica Crispin I can agree with. The rest, you decide. “What actually feels good is talking to other people, taking care of one another, supporting other people so that you’re supported, having conversations, being engaged, and participating in your own existence.”

You know I like me a vibrator. 

New Yorkers who nap on subways know how to do it right.

Have you watched Drive Share yet? It’s HILARIOUS.

And now, have a laugh with Rita Rudner.



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