BARB Gets Buzzed: The Joy Ride

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BARB get Buzzed: The Joy Ride Review by Lizzie Strata


Name: The Joy Ride

Cost: 79$

Where: Adam & Eve (

Can you handle the Joy Ride? Well can you?

I can. I did. And I bet you will too.

The Shaft (7” total length, 6.25” insertable, 1.85” width) I found to be incredibly uncomfortable at first due to the girth but with lubrication, it became more tolerable. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was comfortable for me; still, not so uncomfortable that it kept me from playing. The length was as I like it, easily insertable as well.

Surprise Twist: Here’s the thing about The Joy Ride: It can be used hands free! YES! At the base is a suction, and it’s durable on all surfaces I used, very sturdy! Just what you need for a wild ride.

Speed: Here’s where it gets good, real good. The vibration modes are stronger than most I have ever experienced. Almost too fast and powerful of a vibration; I found myself wanting to find a slower setting that wasn’t going to get me to climax too fast. Hence the name, Joy Ride. There was no gradual vibration, not for me. And in general, I shy away from jackhammer mode. I also found the on/off & vibrate reversal direction that is at the bottom of the shaft to be poorly placed and  difficult to maneuver while in use. You need to press very hard to change modes—almost taking you out of the zone—and it’s a whole thing. Maybe I need to just get the hang of how hard to press on the damn button!

Waterproof? YES. I do appreciate this toy is fully waterproof and it will absolutely be used in that department.

Hygiene:  Cleans very easily and charges fast!!

Overall I enjoyed the Joy Ride. I will say, I’d rather use it solo as it is perfect for a quick release.

You can get The Joy Ride at



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