Wednesday BARB Up March 8, 2017.

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Today’s is International Women’s Day.

There is also a groundswell happening, riding the wave of the Women’s March. Striking is part of the women’s work that can be and get done today. You may or may not know the thinking behind it, so here is what you ought to know about the Women’s Strike. I will be wearing my red, although, as the only parent in my household, I will still be doing my usual housework; my dog can not walk himself, my daughter will still need my shoulder to lean on, and I am absolutely sure I will need to go to Fairway’s to pick up milk because I forgot to do so yesterday.

You can be a part of a strike, under your own terms.   That is your choice. You don’t have to do the steps as suggested; in my opinion, raising your fist is as much an act of defiance as marching.

It’s all in your intention.

Google is on it.

When Michelle Obama visits your school.

Camille Paglia knows all.

As does Rebecca Solnit.

Sady Doyle, also.

Embrace ambition.

Melina Matsoukas agrees: “The worst career advice is to just do something because it’s paying, and there are a lot people out there that will push you to take a job because of money.”

Time for a BARB Gets Buzzed vibrator review!

When Doctors tell you you’re hysterical but they don’t mean funny.

And now, have a laugh with Margaret Cho.


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