Friday BARB Up March 10, 2017

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Being “in-between” jobs is not a state I thrive in. However, when I do find myself in search of a steady paycheck, I stick to a strict regimen. The rule is to leave my apartment by 10am, to not return until 5pm. This forces me to be out in the world, interacting with other people, as well as not being on the couch. Oh the couch, it’s so seductive, it beckons to me, “Marce, Marce, why leave me?” Why leave you indeed, you wretched inanimate soft object! But I digress. I pepper my days with lunches or breakfast, rarely both, with people I like; I try to keep the meals social, not business. The networking happens throughout the day, sometimes over a coffee, sometimes over a sterile desk, sometimes even, on the phone. Many emails get written, many more get ignored; it never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for someone to not-respond. I “work” at several coffee shops, some with wifi, some without; I prefer the coffee shops that don’t have internet, simply because the internet is another distraction, from Facebook to Youtube, all of it, a digression from my main purpose in my day, writing. Some days I’m incredibly prolific and others, I can barely eke out a sentence, but every day, every single day, I write. The writing has been the life vest that’s kept me afloat in between jobs; the ability to be creative, to concoct yarns about imaginary lives, oh I love it so. I’m not always disciplined, but I always write. And by 5pm, I’m ready to go home, and walk my dog. It’s a full day, it’s a meandering day, it’s a day in-between.

Janelle Monae: “I try to help other women, women of color, women in my industry, with empowerment in whatever way I can.”

Mary Beard: “The right to be heard is crucially important.”

How important is it to have a job, anyway?

Hey, the strike, yesterday? What did you get up to?

Catherine Opie: ““I just needed to push myself to get over an enormous amount of fear I had around my body.”

We all met Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20 years ago! TWENTY!

When a man gives a pregnant woman his seat on the subway, he gets an award.

Nike. Nice Hajib.


Lonely Lingerie features a 57 year old Lady Like Us. It’s a fantastic statement.

Go ahead, take an Orgasm IQ quiz. I got a perfect score.

Maybe we ought to all move to Iceland.

And now have a laugh with Sarah Silverman.



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