Tuesday BARB Up March 14, 2017

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“Shyness is nice” —that quintessential song lyric by The Smiths—always made me smile; it was such a slam, and sung so sweetly, even more deceptive in its dripping of acid. I’ve always felt this way, about the word “nice”; what a generic put-down of a description of someone, some thing. The definition of the word nice—pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory—is illuminating to me, as for years, I associated the word “nice” with “fake” and “insincere.” I didn’t—and still don’t—react well when I hear someone described as “nice.” It seems very Stepford Wives; a repressive underpinning of strained smiles and higher pitched cadence. Someone that is pleasant and agreeable? That is nice? Where’s the actual person, the one that panics, the one that feels rage, the one that eats Cap’n Crunch at 2am? Because that person? That’s the person I want to know. The nice one? That’s the one I’m most wary of.

Elizabeth Warren, fierce as always.

Cecile Richards for the future: “Our real big focus now is on equity—not only that birth control is a right, but on true, honest-to-God access, particularly for young women who live in a circumstance where they just don’t get that kind of care.”

Do Zionism and Feminism intersect?

Stars. They’re just like us.

Even at 80, you can swipe left. Maybe especially.

Should you eat before you go to the gym? What about after the workout? Well, now I have some idea.

The notion of parental leave seems to be incongruous to policy-writers and to men. So I really appreciate the sense of empathy Facebook is implementing in its policies. Yes,  Sheryl Sandberg had her aha moment in the wake of her own tragedy and my hat is off to her in implementing change. More corporations ought to follow suit.

When your mom is sick.

What do dreams mean?

Turn your home into the future.

Now, have a laugh with Janeane Garofalo.





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