BARB Booty: Nails with SpaRitual

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My nails run the gamut from disaster to just-passable. I have long wished for luxurious long strong nails but I have yet to grow them to any length beyond a mosquito bump. In any case, I like to adorn my nails. In today’s edition, I’m focusing on my favorite kind of nail polish, the Shimmer. I am currently obsessed with SpaRitual’s whole Vegan Shimmer line.

SpaRitual has an array of gorgeous shimmers and I’m kicking this off with my favorite of the shades, the red purple shimmer, which is a nice wine of a color; the Goth Girl Gone Corporate in you will feel naughty but also, other things you need to feel while working.

Affection, by SpaRitual

I like a purple too, and SpaRitual’s Affection is a splash of color in what might otherwise be a drab of a day. With Affection, you are always in a subtle state of sparkle.

Cassiterite by SpaRitual

All that shimmers is gold and the Cassiterite is a subtle coat of bullion goodness. Two coats, and you’re good to go.


So before you start laying down coats, you need to prep your base. SpaRitual also has a treatment plan for you. Begin with your cuticles; a strange word that protects an important feature of your hands. Dap a bit of the Cuti-Cocktail on each finger’s nail bed, let it dry, and then go on to the next step.


Of all the treatments, this one to me, for my brittle nails is essential: a strengthening base. The Protein Boost Strengthening Treatment by SpaRitual is exactly what my nails cry out for.


Truebond Manicure System by SpaRitual

And now we get to the business of the coats. SpaRitual has a three-tier system–primer, base coat, top coat (different than gloss)—called the Truebond Manicure System, that you lay down for before and after you place the polish upon your nails.


SpaRitual Nourishing Vegan Gloss

Don’t forget once you’re done with the nail polish, to top it off with a coat of gloss! SpaRitual’s Nourishing Vegan Gloss is extra shiny!

And once you have all that down, you’re ready to wave your hands in the hair like you just don’t care. Go to SpaRitual for more colors, and of course, everything I’ve listed above!




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