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Toy: MIA 2

Cost: 84.90

Where: Lelo

Mia 2 from Lelo, available in three colors

Every so often, I come upon a vibrator that is so discreet, I can carry it with me throughout the day, in my backpack, pocket, clutch. The Mia 2 does the work of fitting nicely everywhere. And so, let’s get to why it’s good for you.

Size Queens: (4.4 x 0.9 x 0.9in)  It’s important to note that the Mia 2 is pocket-sized; for those of you who are constantly on the move throughout your day, this is key. You can carry the Mia 2 with you at all times, key for when you need a pick me up, or when you are simply in the mood. Skip out of the most boring meeting in the world for a bathroom break and give yourself five minutes of a pick-me up; no one will be the wiser, because Mia 2 is QUIET AF and can be slipped right back into your blazer pocket. I mean. Come on.

Surprise Twist: The Mia 2 is USB rechargeable! Pull off the cap and plug it into wall when you’re running low on juice. How convenient is that? And like I’ve said before, because Mia 2 is so discreet, your roommate or your child will simply think it’s a USB drive erroneously plugged into a wall, instead of the laptop.

Waterproof: YES.

Hygiene: You need to wipe Mia 2 down after each time you use it. No if’s, and’s or but’s.

What Say Me: The Mia 2 is a handy key to your orgasm. It has six speeds which allows for you to find your spot, it gets you to where you need to be and when you’re done, you can toss it back into your purse, sitting pretty next to your tubes of lipstick.

You can get the Mia 2 at Lelo.


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