Thursday BARB UP March 30, 2017

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Slow moving today, which, I have to say, is okay. Sometimes you can’t be firing on all cylinders, even if your to-do lists is 8 pages long. Do you make lists of things you need to do? I’ve only recently begun to do them, and I find them super helpful, particularly as I cross things off, add things on, move the same things I need to do to the next days list of things to do. It doesn’t make me anxious either. I like having goals. And a to-do list is a nice way of accomplishing those goals.

Hillary speaks!

When Susan B. Anthony and Isabella Beecher Hooker were pen pals.

Ali Wong: “I would love to dress like Beyoncé: some custom-print, neoprene onesie with no pants. But I think it would be distracting to perform with no pants on and my pussy hanging out. I mean, Beyoncé spends her professional life with no pants. I imagine it’s very liberating. But I have not done that before. Although I debated it.”

Elizabeth Warren fights for everyone.

MM.LaFleur makes it easy for the lady who hates shopping.

Tinder may be coming to the desktop. Ruh-roh.

Concerns about equality for all?

Taking Fox to task!

You can be deemed a breakthrough artist at any age.

And now have a laugh with Sasheer Zamata.




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