Friday BARB Up March 31, 2017

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How is it Friday already? It’s raining outside and my to-do list of things I need to get done today seems to be endless. Part of me would like to ignore all the things, but all the things will not be sorted unless I do the sorting. It’s almost endless, the logic. Still, it’s Friday. And that means I have two days ahead of me of sleeping in, convincing RockyThePug to do the same, and just…breathing. So Friday? I got you.

Phoebe Robinson: “So now I go through my career saying, I want to do a podcast? I’m doing a podcast. If I want to write a book? Great. I want to do more stand-up? Awesome. Acting stuff? Great. And no one gets to have an opinion about it.”

The power of YES.

Boss Hog is back with a new record, Brood X.

Roxane Gay: “It’s important to diversify comics, and not for political correctness, but because there are more stories out there that should be told. And it’s about time a black woman wrote a black woman at Marvel. It’s just ridiculous that this hasn’t happened yet.”

What the hey is automated tax loss harvesting?

Knitting for elephants.

Give it up for women entrepreneurs.

Hips don’t lie.

A vibrator that costs 15,000 DOLLARS. US Dollars!

Wisconsin dragging its heels on Rape-Kits.

And now have a laugh with Kristen Schaal.



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