Friday BARB Up, April 7, 2017

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Oh, Friday. I’m so happy to see you. I’m so in need of MORE rest. Which is how I seem to spend my weekends, thankfully. A far cry from just 5 years ago, when my Teenager was a Tween, and her weekends were reliant on me, physically. This includes any combination of: brunches with my friends, Saturday nights with me, and drop-off’s/pick-up’s with her buddies. Playdates, they were called. I had very little time on my own; even going to the gym required some coordination on my part. I don’t think I ever took a nap in those years either, a perk, I reckon, if you are raising a child with a partner or a co-parent. If my daughter had a sleepover at her friends, that was almost like a night-off from parenting, and often, I’d take advantage of that time “off”; seeing my friends, ones with and without benefits. The sleepovers, however, were rare, as her friends always preferred to stay at our apartment; for her friends, my home was a sanctuary away from dueling parents and annoying siblings. With a Teenager, however, there is no tax on my time; I’m alone, a lot. During the day on weekends, she’s in her bedroom, working on her book, Earth Hates Me, or homework, or prepping for the SAT, in between watching movies or series on streaming services. Sometimes, she meets a friend for a shopping spree or brunch or some combination thereof. And at night, she’s out at frees or concerts or some fun thing. Sometimes, she’ll bring friends home for a sleepover and I don’t mind; I like the sound of girls chattering late into the night, or in the morning, when they wake up. The Teenager needs so little of me that I now have what I didn’t when she was a child: all that time, left alone. Oh, the irony.

Hillary:  “The things that come out of some of these men’s mouths–like, ‘Why do we have to cover maternity care?’ Well, I don’t know, maybe you were dropped by immaculate conception.” And also: “The targeting of women–which is what is going on–is absolutely beyond any political agenda. There is something else happening here.”

Maxine Waters: “It shouldn’t be in America that you can sexually harass women and then buy your way out of it because you’re rich,”

I love Samantha Bee.

Scarlett Johansson: “Why be behind a man? Why not be next to them? Or in front of them? Because people will be afraid that you’re bitchy? Screw that. It’s so old fashioned, uninspired, and cowardly. I was so disappointed by that yesterday.”

Justin Trudeau: “We can’t just talk about how women need to be empowered without talking to the people who unfairly still  have more power—the men. The men have to be part of the solution.”

Georgia O’Keefe on display at the Brooklyn Museum, for you New Yorkers.

Amy Schumer: “What’s good about not being a model is that it’s not the thing I trade on. Once I start looking older, that won’t affect me. I have never gotten anything done because I’m, like, so gorgeous. I’m good-looking enough that I can work in the business. I get enough attention from men that I feel good. I see pictures of myself now, and I look younger than I think of myself.”

I had a chance to interview the mighty Pegi Young! Check it out!

Amazing teens.

Vibrators that give you a rise.

Sex stuff.

Taking what you love, like I’m doing with BARB, and turning into an income generator.

And now have a laugh with Joan Rivers.



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