Monday BARB Up April 10, 2017

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On Friday night, I went to New York University, to listen to my friend, Dana Marlowe, founder of I Support The Girls, speak to a room filled with college-aged women about why she started the organization that donates bras and feminine hygiene products to girls and women in need. “Homeless Women Need Bras,” Dana was told, her great a-ha moment. I love Dana’s story, I love the work that Dana is doing, and I love the impact Dana is having on the world. I watched the women in the room listening to Dana as stood at one side of the room, in front of a ballon that said “Stop the patriarchy”; it was inspiring, looking at these faces, open and fierce, their legacy ahead of them. All these women, in that room on a Friday night? They are the future. The future that is female. The future that is now. They will go out into the world, they will march at the protests, they will make their impact. Just like Dana did. Just like we did, on a global level, when we marched. Just like we will, as we continue to be wake up, protest, raise our voices. What a glorious thing.

What ambition looks like for a woman. For now.

Hils, for those who missed it.

Built by Wendy is a fashion label that I have long been a fan of, and this is a visual history of it.

My feet ache, and so, reading Margit Detweiler’s walk down comfy shoe lane was exciting to me.

Ever since I saw West Side Story, and Rita Moreno as Anita, I have been a fan of hers. I love seeing this peek into her life. At 85!

I like Mondays, but not everyone does.

I don’t know what a sexist recipe is, but this chick seems to think Martha Stewart is guilty of it.

When you and your partner are experiencing menopause at the same time.

Life as a trans woman in North Carolina. Still scary.

Cinema Siren’s movie review of Gifted.

What is the deal with this whole low-fat thing?

Sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Ellen Cleghorne.


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