Thursday BARB UP April 13, 2017.

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So we’re deep in the college tour trenches. Today, we have our groove and yet, I still needed a nap when we were done with the second school that we toured. Never underestimate the need for a nap; it’s a vital bridge from fatigue to pleasantville. Still, while I’m cruising in to life on the road, my dog Rocky is not. He’s staying with my friends and he’s been acting out by peeing in their apartment. Oh, the separation anxiety. If you have any suggestions, other than not travelling, I’m taking them all.

Black Lives Have Always Mattered.

Quotes from Gloria Steinem and Chelsea Handler.

Hils and shoes.

A peek at the upcoming season of Orange Is The New Black.

Things I didn’t know about vibrators.

Things I don’t know about blood tests.

And now, have a laugh with Bridget Everett.


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