Friday BARB Up April 14, 2017.

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Boston was illuminating, from a mother-of-a-prospective-college-student perspective. It is a town with a robust college community. It is a town that is a version of the city I live in, with the Atlantic ocean flowing through it. It is a town with significant accents, a humanitarian Mayor, and quite possibly, the college that The Teenager will attend. But the college tour of duty is still underway. Two more schools that lay in the Target and Reach categories await us. And she has ruled out some of the schools we have toured thus far. The Teenager is getting the sense of what curriculum is going to work for her, what she’s looking for in a campus life, and where she wants to be. This, all this, is inspiring to me. That she’s so aware of what she wants, and needs, out of her higher education experience. I had none of that at her age. And that she knows? That means when the time comes, her choices will be deliberate and very much hers. What more can a mother ask for?

Lady horror fans.

Dating is pricy.

Don’t pick on women.

Comfort Foods.

Oh those puppy dog eyes.

Nominate your favorite woman over 40.

And now have a laugh with Tig Notaro.


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