Wednesday BARB Up April 19, 2017

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I’m an avid reader of books. It’s part of why we’re launching BARB Turning Pages, our series where we talk to writers about that precariously delightful intersection of creativity and life; I love hearing what masters of the word have to say. In 2015, I took the 50 Book Challenge, where I read 50 books in that one year; it truly was a challenge, knowing I had to read instead of just mess around online, looking at old photos of people. I’ll read them digitally or old school, I don’t have a preference. I know that generationally the preferences are more pronounced; not for me. If I can get my hands on a book, I don’t care the format. I discovered, when The Teenager was in elementary school, that I could order the books I wanted to read online, which has resulted in me saving tons of money. Every so often, a friend of mine will publish a book and I will buy it, because I believe you ought to support your friends in their pursuits. So right now, I’m looking for a book to sink my teeth into. These days, I want to read memoirs and fantasy. I don’t care for romance novels or books about science. I want to fall into Elizabeth Warren and Roxane Gay and even an Option B. I’ll reread Margueritte Duras and Raymond Chandler as a reminder of the kind of writing I aspire to. Mostly, I just want to get lost in something. If you have suggestions, please send them my way.

Kathrine Switzer runs the marathon. Notable for many reasons and also this: she was the first woman to run it in 1967.

Women who run and/or started distilleries.

When a whale feeds, a view from a drone.

A brief history of the Matte Nails. Yes there is one.

When big money gives to girls and women in need.  Props to you, NoVo Foundation, for your 90 Million dollars.

Money stuff.

When you procrastinate and covet size 7 sneakers that you can’t afford.

And now have a laugh with Judy Gold.


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