Monday BARB UP April 24, 2017

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Hello to you on this Spring Monday. I am coming off a great weekend. I spent quality time with a whole bunch of friends, from different parts of my life, all at different points of the weekend. It’s a delight, to know that I have lived—and continue to do so—in the same space as such good people. That over the course of my lifetime, I’ve befriended women and men who matter to me, after all this time. Sure, I’ve known garbage people. I may have even married one. But. The people who are with me? Who I see, even if it is, as in the case of my friend Jen, for the first time in over a decade? A woman like that? She’s for life.

Okay let’s get to the news. There was quite a bit of it.

There’s a revolution happening. At the Brooklyn Museum. Featuring the women that were the kickstarters of it.

Jan van Raay (American, born 1942). Faith Ringgold (right) and Michele Wallace (middle) at Art Workers Coalition Protest, Whitney Museum, 1971.

Ladies, you’re still driving the birth control decisions. Or rather, methods.

Ladies, also? Come up with your Plan B.

And don’t panic.

Don’t confuse being a tomboy with being trans!

Cecile Richards: “To prevent millions of folks in this country from losing access to health care, I need you to take out your phones and add Senator Dean Heller to your speed dial.”

Gloria Steinem thinks it gets better too.

What is the best photo to put on your dating profile?

And can you take it with this camera? And would you get it for me please?

And if you want to get a new MacBook, go to the airport.

Pennies saved.

Throwing a party for your pussy.

And now have a laugh with Maria Bamford.


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