Thursday BARB UP May 11, 2017.

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I am always cold. My body temperature seems to like the world at 80 degrees all the time. I sleep with three duvets, even in the summer. For years, I thought this tendency was just my peculiarity, my perk for being me. About ten years ago, I discovered I was severely anemic, to the point of it being a life or death issue. I had no idea I was running on fumes, juggling raising a child on my own and nurturing a puppy and oh, the high end career. It took my OB/GYN, who on a routine visit, took one look at me and said in her typical no-nonsense manner, “There’s something wrong with you.” Turns out, I had a preponderance of fibroids lining my uterus. Go figure, dustballs in that desert were causing me considerable danger. Once we identified the issue, we went to work. I approved my intake of food with a new approach. I had the fibroids removed. And I felt much much much better. Still. And maybe it’s just years of living with no internal heating mechanism, I prefer my room temperature to be 80 degrees. And so, yes. My quirk is that I live life in layers.

Elizabeth Warren is calling bullshit.

So is Gloria Steinem.

Also, so is Cecile Richards.

Women making a difference.

Kathryn Hahn: “As a 43‑year‑old, I now see the power of that kind of intimacy and vulnerability.”

When Anderson Cooper eyerolls at Kellyanne Conway, it’s divine.

Lynn Slater is also divine.

Advice to your younger self.

If you’re married and 36, you may have an itch.

When you’ve been married 75 years, you know a thing or two about a thing or two.

Peanut is the Tinder for Moms who need friends.

And now have a laugh with Kathleen Madigan.

Ruby Karp‘s book is available for pre-order here.



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