Friday BARB UP May 12, 2017

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Wait what? It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday? HAVE YOU SENT ME, I MEAN, YOUR MOM FLOWERS? Ugh. Just kidding. I think, if you are a parent, or you know a woman who is a parent, you will know that everyday is Mother’s Day. So. While Sunday is a commercial nod to Moms and how special they are and blah blah blah, the take away for all of us is this: just be chill with the person in your life you know as “Mom” every day, not just Sunday.

And now it’s time for Ask A Feminist.



Betsy DeFarts sucks and everyone knows it.

It’s funny, I am noticing more and more articles about ageism. It makes me feel as if I’m not simply imagining the actual reality of some asshole telling me I’m “too experienced” or how he wants to “build a young team.” I’m really taken with the website Age.Ist, it’s celebratory in a way that so few sites for those over 50 are.

Heather Ann Thompson: “When you tell the nation that hippies are violent, the antiwar protesters are violent, prisoners are violent, civil rights is really about thuggery instead of genuine rights, then, all of a sudden, you look at Kent State, you look at the Chicago convention of ’68, you look at Attica and you completely miss the fact that all the violence was state violence.”

Moms and Facebook. Hahahahaaa.

Um, walking a cat in the Senate?

And a handwashing contest?

And also? Not giving a fuck is magical.

And now, have a laugh with Wanda Sykes.



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