Monday BARB UP May 15, 2017

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So how did you spend Mother’s Day? I was really touched by the presence of love on Facebook and Instagram from my friends to the women in their lives. Of course, I do believe it’s Mother’s Day every day, but it’s incredibly heartwarming to watch photo after photo of Moms, and the honor given them.

drawing by Mari Andrew

I very much appreciated Mari Andrew‘s artwork, which was a lovely reminder that is not always sunny in mom-adelphia.

As for me, I got to spend Mother’s Day with the Teenager. She made me a painting; I love when she does this. I love her creativity and her ability to capture exactly who her Mom is. We had brunch with our family of friends, the annual brunch we always go to. And after that, we went to see The Great Comet on Broadway. I can not express how festive and enjoyable the show was, as I am not Ben Brantley. And then we went to Porterhouse, which we always enjoy.

But you know. It’s not all the things we “did” together. It’s the time we spent together. It’s a long day, and I’m lucky in that The Teenager and I are close, and can spend time alone without gritting our teeth. I will always have her back, and she knows that. I’m lucky, I know, to live with a teen who embraces her mother, and not simply on Mother’s Day, but everyday.

Michelle Obama is not having it: “This is where you really have to look at motives, you know. You have to stop and think, why don’t you want our kids to have good food at school? What is wrong with you? And why is that a partisan issue? Why would that be political? What is going on?”

The future is a female over 50.

That Emmanuel Macron is the target of blatant misogyny is no surprise. A woman in her 60’s with a much younger husband, who happens to be one of the most powerful men in the world? Why not? Maybe the media can take control of this a little, rally together, and do a black out on the reporting of the misogyny and the sneering. Maybe the media could spend more time reporting on the positive rather than the negative. Maybe, just maybe, the media is relishing in this hogpile of jerking-off-dom?

Sheryl Sandberg and Elizabeth Alexander have a chat.

Ode to Ryan Murphy.

Texts From Mom.

Come on Joan Smith. 

Did you know matching your nipples and your lip color was a thing? I had no idea.

Bodysuits that aren’t butt flosses.

Is your kid doing Prom?

One of the dumbest questions you can ask or be asked is What Are Your Weaknesses? That’s the red flag to an incompetent and inexperienced hiring manager. However, dingdongs still ask that question, so be prepared to answer.

Be a Liberated Woman.

And now have a laugh with Rosie O’Donnell.


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